Which legal form fits?

One of the most important decisions you have to make as a founder is choosing the right legal form. Why is that so? Because it defines the way a company is legally organised and operated. Basically, everything that has to be done in terms of bureaucratic to-do’s before the company is founded plus the contractual […]

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Handy und Bildschirm

Inbound Marketing

We would like to continue our marketing series here on the blog and go into a little more detail about inbound marketing, because it has become a significant strategy that is now used by almost all companies. Inbound Marketing ist eine Marketingstrategie, die sich darauf konzentriert, potenzielle Kunden durch relevante und nützliche Inhalte anzuziehen, anstatt […]

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Frau am Tisch mit Laptop von oben fotografiert

The unpopular acquisition

Hardly any other topic is as significant and at the same time associated with so many partly unpleasant feelings as acquisition. “I can’t sell,” is a standard phrase we hear over and over again in our consultations. Many people immediately think of cold calling, door-to-door sales or, in the worst case, so-called pushers who talk […]

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Scrabblesteine SEO

Fit for online marketing

Is online marketing only interesting and important for shop owners? Not at all. Every entrepreneur who is present on the web has opportunities to become more visible and thus better reach customers. You don’t have to be an SEO professional to make adjustments, but you should know a few terms. Let’s start with metrics Me… […]

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Menschen auf der Straße

How to expand your target group

If you think about your target group, you usually first concentrate on the so-called existing customers – those of whom you know or think that the product or service could be interesting for them. Yet there is certainly a much larger circle that would be eligible. Time to expand the radius. In order to identify […]

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The .garage says THANK YOU

A few more days and the year 2022 will be history. It was turbulent, stormy, sometimes exhausting. But also touching and interspersed with wonderful encounters and events in and outside the .garage, which we would like to share with you because they form the basis for what we have planned for the next year. Our […]

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