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The unpopular acquisition

Hardly any other topic is as significant and at the same time associated with so many partly unpleasant feelings as acquisition. “I can’t sell,” is a standard phrase we hear over and over again in our consultations. Many people immediately think of cold calling, door-to-door sales or, in the worst case, so-called pushers who talk […]

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Scrabblesteine SEO

Fit for online marketing

Is online marketing only interesting and important for shop owners? Not at all. Every entrepreneur who is present on the web has opportunities to become more visible and thus better reach customers. You don’t have to be an SEO professional to make adjustments, but you should know a few terms. Let’s start with metrics Me… […]

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Menschen auf der Straße

How to expand your target group

If you think about your target group, you usually first concentrate on the so-called existing customers – those of whom you know or think that the product or service could be interesting for them. Yet there is certainly a much larger circle that would be eligible. Time to expand the radius. In order to identify […]

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Planning into the unknown

In turbulent times, it is difficult to make plans. We show how it can still be done. Everywhere you look, there is uncertainty. No one really knows what the future holds. Will the war in Ukraine end soon? Is the economy recovering from the Corona years? What are the effects of the climate crisis? And […]

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Gaps in the CV An application video helps

A year off? Looked after the children? Been on the road in search of meaning? There are many reasons why CVs today no longer look as straightforward as some personnel managers would still like. Times have changed. Young people in particular want to gain a wide range of experience or go travelling before they start […]

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