Frank Schürmann

Your area of specialization:

Psychological Business Coaching,
Business plan, financial control, liquidity planning, blockade check, business change support


Thanks to my more than 20 years of professional experience in finance and accounting (most recently as an executive in an international software group), I can build a financial control system with you and help you with the long-term planning of your sales targets.
As a Systemic-Integrative Coach, ECA, we will look for underlying patterns and beliefs that have prevented you professionally or privately, from living the life you have always desired deep inside. Together we will develop personal strategies that will allow you to achieve your goals and reach your true calling.
At the same time, as a psychotherapist (according to the HeilprG), I will help you find a solution-oriented way of dealing with the increasing challenges of the new working world.

Your “signature” as a coach/consultant:

Always keep the whole person in mind, including their values and way of being. With my training experiences, I couple the world of management consulting with those of personal development. I adapt to the different needs of my clients and help them move forward. This can mean we take the time to look at deeper issues and obstacles. This methodology makes it possible to set and achieve durable goals and solutions that would otherwise not last in pure management consultancy.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work as a coach?

When I have made my clients move forward or have found ways out of a crisis. I love working with people and I accompany them on their way to greatness.

What should not be missing on your perfect day?


Your favorite quote:

“When joy is in our lives, moments of happiness flow by themselves.”
―Ernst Ferstl

What distinguishes you as a person (in 3 words):

Analytical head and gut person with a big heart.

Your favorite place:

It’s always nice by the sea, preferably the Atlantic.

What advice do you give to your coachees?

Everyone has their own timeline; take the pressure off you and don’t get stuck with hindering beliefs. There is no such thing as too late to start or change something.